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Animals on Noah's Ark/ Animales en el Arca de Noe

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Raising Bilingual Children!!



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Proverbs 22:6

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it"

About Us

Libritos for the Heart are a series of books that will introduce your little ones to their first stories of the Bible as well as learn their first English and Spanish words. This early introduction to God's word is the perfect way to share His love.

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Sharing God's Love, 1 book at a time

Benefits of being Bilingual

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About the Author - Bianca Cerrato

Bianca is a self-motivated woman that has been focused on her educational and career development most of her life. Raised by migrant farm-working parents in Imperial, a small agricultural town she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her educational goals. She began adding titles to her name after earning a BA from UCLA, an MBA from CSULB, "Mrs. Cerrato" when she married her husband, "Mommy" her greatest accomplishment yet when she had her son Joseph in 2017 and most recently, Author. Her goal was never to become an author, it was to put God first in her life. When she became a new mom she realized what was really important to her and that is her faith, putting God first in her life and raising her child. As a result of following her passion and looking for bilingual biblical books and not finding any, she launch her own company “Libritos for the Heart” with a vision of creating a series of children’s bilingual first word books based on stories in the Bible. This company embodies her driven nature and passionate heart. She self-published her first book “Animals on Noah’s Ark/ Animales del Arka de Noe” that launched in October 2018 and is currently working on her next book in the series.